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My name is Yiyun (ee-yoon) (she/her), and I am a mental health counselor with a limited permit. My experience at various college counseling centers and a private hospital's mental health unit has equipped me with extensive expertise in supporting clients through extended adolescence and life stage transitions. I specialize in addressing complex trauma related to family system dynamics, parent-child relationship issues, intrusive negative thoughts, and challenges related to depression and anxiety. I employ trauma-informed and culturally informed, evidence-based practices. Having lived in mainland China, Japan, and New York City, I emphasize cultural issues and the interplay of multiple coexisting cultures. I conduct psychotherapy sessions in bothEnglish and Mandarin. While I specialize in Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), psychodynamic orientation, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), I prioritize flexibility and the client’s needs in
planning sessions and applying theories. I believe trauma and pain cannot be ranked and value the uniqueness of each individual’s experiences. Everyone possesses the tools to thrive; sometimes, people need guidance to rediscover them. Together, we can embark on an unconditionally supportive and non-judgmental journey of self-
exploration, creating a space where you feel empowered and can reach your full potential.


LP Mental Health Counselor
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