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Shame, self-doubt, worry and unrest. Which of these take up space in your mind? Do you believe you can reach a place of healing or recovery? I believe you can, and art therapy is one way to address the internal voice of criticism, proactively process conflict, shift your self-perception and make room to rise up to true potential. I help clients develop self-awareness, emotional insight and inner strength to prepare for self-compassion and personal growth. I currently provide groups and individual sessions to ages 17+ through an NYC group practice.

You might be unsure of how to begin expressing yourself, and I'm trained to help. One of the hopeful qualities of art therapy is there's a way for everyone to achieve self-expression. And, what you create helps communicate. The art you make during sessions is meaningful and holds purpose. It can be symbolic of your life experiences and, at times, cathartic.

One meeting at a time, our therapeutic alliance will be built through art-making, dialogue, helpful boundaries and mutual respect. I'll provide a creative arts therapy intervention that is catered to you. Our time together is your time to freely and safely communicate your internal world, channel out your distress and burdens and embrace your visual voice.

Eunice Yu

Art Therapist
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