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Life is an ongoing process, and there are myriad ups and downs. We all struggle in our lives with a different level of anxiety, fear, sadness, and shame. Whatever challenges that you are facing right now, you deserve to be understood with kindness and acceptance. Psychotherapy is a safe place for you to listen and explore yourself. While it can be hard to take the first step, I am here to assist you in finding paths on your journey of discovery.

As a multilingual therapist, I conduct psychotherapy sessions in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. I employ a person-centered approach as the foundation, with the style of being integrative, relational, and collaborative. I believe the core of the therapy is the therapeutic relationship with clients.

By working together, I hope to provide you the opportunity to heal and grow. I am professionally trained to provide psychotherapy services to diverse populations across different settings. As a clinician, I am dedicated to help my clients to improve their overall mental health and wellness.

Colin Chan

Business Manager
Mental Health Counselor
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