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I view psychotherapy as a process of healing and understanding through the examination of current life stressors, past difficult experiences, and how they may have converged in order to move forward with more insight and skills to navigate challenges and successes ahead. I work collaboratively with you to maximize strengths, to deconstruct weaknesses, and to build an understanding of one’s self with the aim of healing from our past, shedding maladaptive patterns, learning about our inner emotional world, and accessing tools, insight, and empathy to confront what lies ahead of us.


I have been trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy and have experience working with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and the impact of marginalization that originate from both personal, individual experiences as well as from our broader, social identities.  

I value collaboration and flexibility when working with my clients while providing my expertise with humility and empathy. Additionally, I have extensive experience working with those suffering from complex trauma, personality pathology, and severe mental illness.



Licensed Clinical Psychologist
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