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Individual + group therapy customized to your needs.

At The Pond,

you are not just a drop in the water.

We aim to do things differently at The Pond.

We believe in cultivating a safe, unique therapeutic space centered on YOU, embracing your individualism. Combining evidence-based psychotherapies including cognitive-behavioral, supportive psychotherapy, and psychodynamic therapy alongside group therapy, music, art, and movement-based therapies, we offer you a comprehensive treatment approach to help you engage the whole mind and body. A key tenet of our practice, we understand that life’s journey can feel challenging at times, and we are here to help you navigate and weather the journey. 


At The Pond, we are here to work collaboratively in creating a customized therapy plan for you, centered around your needs and interests. Our goal is to help foster insight, inspiration, and healing.

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The Pond Practice

The Pond is committed to supporting you through individual and group therapy that best suit your needs.

Our Services

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is psychotherapy using the therapeutic relationship between the therapist and client, evidence-based interventions from CBT, DBT and psychodynamic disciplines to help clients navigate through psychological concerns.

Group Therapy

A variety of therapeutic groups that provide coping skills-training and forging social connections. Current group offerings include: DBT-informed group; International Students Support and Resource Group; Women’s group.

Art Therapy

In art therapy, our personal experience is acknowledged and validated through the naturally expressive and visible quality of art mediums. One of the hopeful qualities of art therapy is there is a way for everyone to achieve self-expression. Art therapy helps communication, reduces stress and improves.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is a powerful way to process and create, by way of music listening, songwriting, instrument playing, improvisation, singing, and more. Music therapy can help strengthen one's abilities to transfer into other parts of their lives.

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