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I am a Pilates Instructor and Postural Fitness Coach. My focus is on helping people to feel confident in their movement, strong, and supported in their bodies. I use the Pilates method, strengthening exercises, myofascial stretches, ELDOA, and Dance Fitness to advocate for health, wellness, and optimal fitness. I have been teaching in NYC for over 14 years. I have several certifications, including but not limited to, Romana’s Pilates, Kathi Ross Nash’s Advanced Teacher Training, and I'm an ELDOA Trainer through GUY Voyer’s SOMA Program. My aim is to make Pilates, fitness, and ELDOA an integral part of a healthy and happy lifestyle. I will help you find the most dynamic and functional everyday athlete within yourself.

Brooke Chaffee

Pilates Instructor,
Postural Fitness Coach
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