Hanson is currently pursuing an M.Ed. in Mental Health Counseling from Teachers College, Columbia University. As an Asian-American gay man who grew up in the US South, Hanson knew from a young age that he lived in a world that did not offer him freedom to author his own narrative. In high school, experiences of racism, homophobia, and cisgenderism motivated Hanson to build critical consciousness through delving into literature on identity and colonialism. Critical consciousness pushed Hanson to explore different aspects of his identity by living in Shanghai, New York City, and Beijing during college and beyond. After college, Hanson spent seven years working in international education consulting, in which he served as mentor, therapist, and cheerleader for international students seeking admission into elite US universities. This experience enabled him to utilize his own experience of building critical consciousness and rewriting his narrative as a proud Asian-American gay man to guide his students towards self-awareness, self-love, confidence. Hanson hopes to offer the journey of personal growth to a greater audience and is passionate about serving marginalized clients suffering from issues of identity and societal invalidation. Hanson is a bilingual and multicultural therapist who practices therapy using a combination of psychodynamic, existential, and cognitive-behavioral therapeutic orientations.

Hanson Qin

(Expected 2023)
Mental Health Intern